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Search Engine Ranking Reporting

If your website is being 'submitted' and 'optimised', you need not worry about how it is performing, do you? You can just sit back and wait for all those enquiries to come in, can't you?

No, you can't! You need to be scouring the 30+ UK Search Engines every month, typing in those dozen or so 'keyphrases' that you have chosen and looking at the first 2 or 3 pages to see where your website is appearing.

Let's say that each search takes a minute - 12 keyphrases x 30 search engines x 3 pages = 1080 minutes!! That's the best part of over 30 hours per month!It is vital that you know how your website is performing, but is there an easier way to get this information without spending hours and hours doing it manually?

Yes, there is - the MMW Search Engine Ranking Report!

We can provide you with a regular monthly report to help you understand how your website is performing, and help you find ways to improve it

The Search Engine Ranking Report is worth it's weight in gold, and we are so convinced that you will see the value that we are offering a free report for a limited time only.


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search engine ranking reports. Marketing and Media Works in Kent are marketing specialists and provides integrated advertising and marketing solutions including search engine ranking reports. Based in Ashford, Kent, MMW is a Kent Marketing and Advertising Agency and services clients across the south east including london, kent, surrey, sussex, essex and hampshire